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Jul 28, 2020

Just across the Ohio River and a few miles south of downtown Cincinnati lies the quiet suburban community of Florence, Kentucky.  It was there, in an average condominium on a quiet residential street in the community of Oakbrook, on Memorial Day weekend, when Bill and Peggy Stephenson were brutally murdered in the early morning hours of May 29, 2011.  And they were murdered for reasons - and by people - no one has yet been able to determine.  Unsolved murders are, unfortunately, not a rarity - but it isn't often that an unsolved case is simultaneously so disturbing and so puzzling as are the Stephenson murders.  Both 74 years old when they were killed, Bill and Peggy were beloved members of the community.  Members of their local Baptist church, Peggy was the church's organist; Bill ran a ministry at a local truck stop for truckers who couldn't be home for Sunday services, and performed charitable work in his home of Boone County as other parts of Eastern Kentucky.  Who would have killed such a well-respected, elderly couple is mystery enough.  But the strangeness of this case runs far deeper.  The Stephensons' bodies were staged at the scene after their deaths.  And the perpetrator - or perpetrators - placed odd items from the condominium both on and around the bodies but also in every room of the dwelling.  Detective Coy Cox of the Boone County Sheriff's Department - Melissa's guest this episode - was on the scene on the day of the murders and has been investigating the case ever since.  A fiercely determined law enforcement professional from the git-go, Detective Cox has taken the Stephenson case to heart and has dedicated himself to solving their brutal murders.  And here's the thing:  Detective Cox believes this case is solvable - he is certain that there is just one small grain of evidence - one tiny piece of the puzzle - that someone, somewhere knows that could finally bring justice to whomever committed these heinous crimes.  You can contact Det. Cox directly by phone at (859) 334--8496 - or send a tip via email to - and of course you can always leave a message for Melissa on the TIP-STER HOTLINE at (832) TIP-STER (832-847-7837) or send Melissa an email at